Hide and seek

Hide and seek

Wildlife photographers love to camouflage themselves to get with the least possible distraction close to animals. The funny thing is that animals do the same, they camouflage themselves to remain as best undetected as possible. One could say that in many cases wildlife photography is like playing hide and seek whereas most often the animals win. I have gone through my archive and put a few shots together where animals tried to sneak away from me. I love those shots. They are not only silly but I have a lot of great memories of those moments.
hide and seek

A few hide and seek sample shots from our garden

The following image shoes a spider, well at least the spiders legs. The little creature tried to hide from me but nothing is missed by my eagle eye.

Another little itsy bitsy sider tried to camouflage itself in some sort of plant and I only spotted it by luck. Seems like this time I won the hide and seek game.

This caterpillar was not only hiding from me but mainly from the birds nesting under our roof. We had planted lots of fennel in our garden and those beautiful animals ate most of it. While growing they draw the attention of our sparrow family and I had to protect the little crawler every now and then.

This little ladybug visited our garden one day but was a bit shy. So it took me a while to photograph it.

Wasps had built a nest in the mailbox and I had to convince the mailman not to report it but drop the mail at our doorstep. The little creature thankfully visited me one day and gave me a cool look.

Fury friends

I love raccoons and wish to see those little bandits more often. This particular animal was hiding in a tree in the middle of the Central Park. My wife and I have been living some time in New York Cities west village and I have been visiting the park almost every weekend. Good memories.

The following fury friend shows an american badger that crossed our path while we were wandering around in Yellowstone National Park. Quite a lucky encounter during daylight as usually those guys are nocturnal (active during the night).

It comes without saying that squirrels are funny. I am quite regularly in Bratislava for work and this little guy inhabitants the amazing Janka Kral Park.

There is an old hen house at my parents place with lots of mice. I have built a little hide to photograph those funny animals. This particular guy was however quite shy. Photographing mice is something that I would like to practice more as I had a blast.

While walking Turbo and Peanut one of the to started barking at the corn field. It took me a while that a fox was passing by. Luckily I tend to never leave the house without a camera so I was able to get an ear shot of this guy.

Another encounter while walking the dogs was with this roe. It was hiding in the grass but if one whistles these animals tend to look at you. So I whistled.

Slimy friends

Fire salamander are aweosme. This guy was was even a bit curious whats going on. One hardly can find them no more. We were were walking through a nice chetsnut forest in the Ticino while rain started. All of a sudden these guys were everywhere.

While walking the woods I often passed a little stream with frogs. One day I decided to photograph a few of those. That must have been the day they decided to play hide and seek with me.

Feathery friends

Sparrow playing hide and seek with me.

One of my favorite pictures from 2018. A great spotted woodpecker hiding behind a branch. There is this old apple tree in my parents hometown that attracts many woodpecker. I always visit it when going to see my mom and dad.

Another woodpecker (a Green woodpecker) at Janko Kral Park. It is still a juvenile animal and I was able to follow the entire family for a couple of hours flying from tree to tree. Unlike other woodpeckers, green woodpeckers feed often on the ground in the grass. If you therefore hear green woodpeckers not only look up in the trees but also check the ground.

Jay’s belong to the Corvidae family and are extremely intelligent. They are also quite spooky but curious.

One day I found this woodpecker hole. Woodpeckers are extremely important for many bird species that breed in tree holes that are unable to create those holes themselves. Gratefully these birds can inherit used woodpecker holes as they create every year new different holes. This is likely a black woodpecker hole where a starling family moved in.

Goldfinches are cute little birds. This guy was visiting our house regularly hiding in the trees watching us doing garden work. I am sure he or she was one of those thieves stealing from our garden seeds.

I have been a couple of times in Noida, India for work related stuff. They have a bird sanctuary that is always worth a visit and every time I go there I look for spotted owlets.

While spending vacation with family and friends on Ibiza I tried to get some free time for birding. Unfortunatelly this balearic warbler was not very much in modeling mood.

This is an important picture to me as it was the first woodpecker (great spotted woodpecker chick) I photographed in a tree hole. Young woodpeckers are extremely loud when hungry and will navigate you without to their trees. Please be careful when photographing youg woodpeckers as the adult birds (when noticing you) tend not to fly back to their holes as regularly as they should to feed the chicks. This can put the little birds in danger. Wear full camo and limit photography times to max. 30 minutes and don’t visit the holes daily but give longer breaks of two to three days at most. Putting an animal in danger is never worth an image.

Another woodpecker (green woodpecker) also at my parents place. I heard these guys many times so they must have had their hole somewhere close by. I never found it though.

The following picture is an important to me as this was the first time I managed to photograph a black woodpecker. I have been trying to get a shot for a very long time but never had a photo opportunity. There are not many black woodpeckers at my home town so photographing this one was a magic moment.

Cliff swallows hiding in their homes. These are amazing little birds and quite fun to photograph. In flight they ae quite agile and tricky though.

Another starling trying to play hide and seek with me. Also here the hole he is living in has been taken over from woodpeckers. Most likely great spotted woodpeckers as the hole is to small for a black woodpecker hole.

Let me know your thoughts

I hope this article was helpful for you. If there is anything you are looking for, please let me know and I try to find examples to discuss. Feel free to use the Q&A form to submit questions.

Love an protect wildlife

Animals are awesome and need our protection. Don’t hurt, kill or eat animals. It’s wrong.

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