5 awesome dog photography tricks you need to know

Dogs are awesome animals and best friends to many humans. They are also great photography models and it is a lot of fun taking pictures of those furry creatures. I, therefore, am more than happy to share 5 awesome dog photography tricks you need to know. All you need is a dog or two. In case you want to dive straight into the video using the following link.

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The first of my 5 awesome dog photography tricks you need to know is to use reflection. Watch out for ponds, lakes, or rivers, and think about how to best get a cool reflection of your dog. The water quality will have a lot of impact on the outcome of your image. Try to find silent water without waves and without anything floating on it such as leaves or other things that may distract your reflection.


Backlight is my favorite thing in photography and I love shooting dogs‘ backlight. It not only adds a lot of cool details to your image but also can turn it into a real masterpiece. Backlight for me usually works best in the early morning or late evening hours. It requires some practice with regards to the camera settings as one easily can over or underexpose an image. If you chase your four-legged friend in cold temperatures a bit around you can get incorporate the breath into your image.

Perspective and angle

I usually try to portrait dogs on eye-level meaning that I need to position myself with the camera on the same level the dog’s eyes are. This can become a bit challenging for small animals and often ends up me lying on the ground. However, there are good reasons to try different perspectives and angles.

Play around with different seasons

The fourth of my 5 awesome dog photography tricks you need to know is to play around with the characteristics of the different seasons. Almost every month of the year will add a little bit of a different spice to your image. I love fall and winter colors but also spring and summer can give you amazing natural scenery’s when shooting dogs.

Show the power of the animal

Dogs have a lot of power and are strong little fellas. Try to incorporate this into your images. All dogs I know try to carry around sticks that are twice as big as they are and you can get amazing photographs of such scenes. I am sure if you observe your dog a bit you find a lot more moments when your best friend is showing pure power. Catch that moment.

Video of my 5 awesome dog photography tricks you need to know

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