First badger pictures

I’ve been working on my badger project as part of Wild East for weeks now. I have installed a camera trap and study the behaviour of the furry forest dwellers. Since a few weeks, the badgers are getting active earlier and I was able to take first badger pictures. The woods are getting dense because of the leaves, which makes photography a bit difficult.

Since I do not want to disturb the badgers by any means, I am trying to figure out from where to best take pictures.

At the moment, I always get the animal in front of the lens, which leaves the den first. I think that it is the head of the clan. However, I will try to take portraits of the other badgers as well.

Here you can find some older videos, which helped me to determine the time of the badger activity.

As promised, first badger pictures

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Dachs im Wald
dachs seitenportrait
dachs im wald am laufen
dachs von vorne
dachs im wald
dachs im wald



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