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Join me through the forests in the Wild East. In my new project Wild East I portray the animals in the forests around Rybotycze. In 2019, we emigrated from Switzerland to this little village of 80 people. Rybotycze is located in the Polish Voivodeship Podkarpackie and is part of the beautiful Przemyśl foothills .

Our house is surrounded by huge forests, which is home to various wild animals. I spend a lot of time reading tracks to track down the forest dwellers. This is on the one hand a very time-consuming, but on the other hand beautiful work. Since many animals are rather nocturnal, I use camera traps to document their movements.

Up until now, I have mainly focused on bird photography. However, since we have wolves, lynxes, badgers, wild cats, bears etc. here, I try to familiarize myself with these species. I have already had a few encounters with these shy animals and these moments were simply magical.

The strongest of all warriors are these two – time and patience ~ Leo Tolstoi

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